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Recteq Releases a Large Flagship XL Pellet grill and a High End Built-In

Pellet grill company recteq has released two new pellet grill models to add to the grills that came out last fall. Both stay true to what recteq is know for with more stainless steel than competitors and their signature horn handles.

E-Series Built-In 1300

Retailing for $3,499 (check price), The E-Series built-in pellet grill is the most expensive recteq model by quite a bit. When you look at the grill though, it’s not surprising. They’re clearly targeting the luxury outdoor kitchen market with the amount of 304 stainless steel on this grill.

recteq E-Series Built-In Pellet Grill
recteq E-Series Built-In Pellet Grill

Features and Specs

  • Industry leading temperature range of 180°F to 700°F
  • Front load pellet hopper with a 27 lb capacity
  • 1,300 square inches of cooking space
  • Features recteq’s updated controller with dual-band WiFi capabilities to connect with your phone
  • Slide-out, front accessible grease catch

Goodbye recteq RT-1070

While the new E-Series looks like a beautiful grill, it appears that recteq killed their previous built-in grill with its release. The recteq RT-1070 was released a couple years ago and had impressive specs for a very reasonable price. There’s no mention of that grill on recteq’s website anymore, and any links to that grill redirect to the new E-Series.

Flagship XL

The Flagship 1100 was one of the new grills that recteq released last fall. For anyone that liked that grill, but wished it had more space, the new Flagship XL 1400 has you covered.

recteq Flagship XL Pellet Grill
recteq Flagship XL Pellet Grill

Not only does it have 1,437 square inches of cooking space, it has a cavernous 60 lb pellet hopper. That’s not a typo, this thing could smoke for days off one full hopper.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $1,599 (check price)
  • Temperature range of 180°F to 650°F
  • Includes two meat probes to monitor your cook
  • Can be controlled wirelessly with the recteq app through WiFi
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • 304 stainless steel cooking grates
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