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Read the Latest Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 6/4/22

We kicked-off grilling season with a bang this week by covering 2 new grill releases, 1 pizza oven that’s coming soon and 1 grill that was supposed to be released, but never was.

The first grill release came out earlier in May, just in time for the summer. It’s the Char-Broil Edge, full-size electric grill. A solid option for anyone in the market for a grill with it’s unique styling and capabilities. It’s great to see more fuel source options and will likely convert some consumers from gas or add market share through consumers that can’t have fires due to regulations.

The second grill release was the Char-Griller AKORN Auto Kamado, which uses the digital technology from the Char-Griller 980 Gravity Fed charcoal grill. This kamado style grill features smart phone integration and is perfect for anyone wanting convenience while charcoal grilling. Plus, great job Char-Griller on the name, Auto Kamado is very catchy.

Other interesting news this week was a video that Blackstone put on their Instagram. It’s was interesting for 2 reasons, 1) it prominently featured a new pizza oven that hasn’t been released and 2) it was at the NYSE, despite a proxy vote introduced to delay Blackstone’s IPO via SPAC merger. It appears that the odds of Blackstone releasing a pizza oven are much more likely than them having an IPO at this point. That’s not to say it won’t happen, but there’s a saying in business that “time kills deals” and Blackstone’s on their third extension.

Speaking of things having more doubt, the release date (June 1st) for the Camp Chef Apex came and went. We have no new information, but it gives more weight to our theory that it’s due to the patent infringement lawsuit we mentioned last week.

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