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Ooni UK Launches Pizza for All Strategy with Creative Agency Thirst

It’s never been easier to make amazing pizza at home. There are many great pizza oven choices from makers like Ooni, Gozney, and more recently Solo Stove and others. Over the past few months, restaurant quality ingredients for pizza are easier than ever to get delivered from Ooni and Solo Stove. Now, Ooni is partnering with creative agency Thirst to bring premium ingredients to grocery stores.

By leaning into everybody’s intrinsic desire to create, we set out to make Ooni synonymous with pizza in the grocery space by channelling the brand’s distinct mission – enabling everyone to make great pizza– into a deliciously inviting look and feel

Matt Burns, Creative Director at Thirst

The move into the grocery store features dough mixes in three popular pizza crust styles, Neapolitan, New York and Detroit dough mix. It’s part of their “Pizza for All” strategy that targets the full range of the consumer spectrum from novice to pro or as they have segmented it, the Maverick Maker, The Casual Aficionado, and the Eager Enthusiast.

Our Pizza for All strategy set out to challenge category conventions with Ooni flair. The creative plays to the convivial, the creative, and the endlessly curious, with Ooni’s spirit baked into the new design system, from dough mixes to frozen fixes and tasty topping choices, embracing the imperfection of the messy maker via a personable and playful identity and celebrating the brandmark iconic oven shape. Together it’s an open invitation to just make pizza

Matt Burns, Creative Director at Thirst

The new dough mixes are currently only available in the UK, and there’s no word if they’ll eventually move into the crowded US supermarket space. However, this isn’t Ooni’s first foray into pizza dough mixes. In the US they have a collaboration with Williams Sonoma on mixes that are sold exclusively at their stores and online.

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