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Napoleon Rogue EQ Connected Electric Grill – First Look

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In celebration of of Earth Month and Earth Week, grill maker Napoleon announced a new series of electric grills that they say is the first line of full-size, IOT-connected electric grills. Called the Napoleon Rogue EQ Connected Electric Grill, the line set to launch in fall of 2022.

It’s a great time for consumers with all of the innovation happening in the grilling world. From great new pellet grills to gravity fed charcoal grills and smart gas grills, there are many options for smart grills with all types of fuel sources. It’s great to see one more option entering the market place in the Napoleon Rogue EQ.

Napoleon is changing the conversation around electric grilling. Until now, the availability of electric grills was limited to indoor, travel-size, and those without smart technology. Napoleon’s goal has always been to manufacture grills with the most advanced features on the market yet make them attainable to the grilling enthusiast. With our Rogue EQ Series, we’re making sustainable technology and alternatives mainstream with a full-size electric grill at an affordable cost.

Stephen Schroeter, Co-CEO, Napoleon

There are three Rogue EQ models that have been announced, the Rogue EQ 365, the Rogue EQ 425 and the Rogue EQ 525. By looking at the size of the grills, we’re guessing the the model numbers relate the the amount of cooking area, but that hasn’t been specified. The grills come with a 7 inch LCD screen and connect to your phone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

There are also three available cooking modes on the grills. You can use it as a traditional grill, roast in it like an oven and there is a smoker mode. We’re guessing they create smoke through a smoker box, because the icon for smoke looks just like Napoleon’s smoker box. They also advertise that there’s no sacrifice on power from a gas grill.

A study from The Insight Partners, the multi-billion-dollar electric grilling market is expected to grow more than 67% over the next 5 years. Napoleon is well position for that growth, because beyond the Napoleon Rogue EQ that comes out in the fall, they offer a portable electric grill that’s available now called the TravelQ Pro 285E. It joins other portable grills out now like the Weber Traveler portable gas grill and the recently released Masterbuilt Portable Charcoal Grill.

As consumers have evolved their mindset around sustainability, we have continued to evolve ours. Napoleon will increase our portfolio of sustainable products up to 250% by 2025. It’s about giving consumers more choices when it comes to making sustainable decisions. This launch is a preview of what’s to come. As one of the first grill manufacturers to offer infrared grilling technology to the consumer at an affordable price, this product demonstrates our commitment to continued industry-leading technology.

Chris Schroeter, Co-CEO, Napoleon
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