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Kamado Joe Partners with Silverpoint Display on 1,000 Displays in Europe

Fresh off launching the new Konnected Joe, phone connected grill, Kamado Joe has invested in expanding their retail and exhibition presence across Europe. They’ve signed-up with Silverpoint Display to produce 1,000 displays and exhibition stands.

In addition to the displays at retailers, Silverpoint will also build trade displays for consumer shows, the Solex trade show and the Spoga Gafa garden exhibition, according to an article in the Retail Times.

Our relationship with Kamado Joe spans over five years, supporting their initial entry into the UK market and we are thrilled to have won the competitive pitch to work together on the next step in their exciting journey. Many brands look to China for their retail display units, however we are extremely proud of our firm commitment to UK design and manufacturing to deliver quality assurance and the peace of mind it brings.

Sean Adams, Director at Silverpoint Display

The display roll-out will begin in the UK, Netherlands and Germany and then into other European markets.

Kamado Joe was purchased by Middleby in 2021, along with two other consumer outdoor grill brands, Masterbuilt and Char-Griller. As part of their growth strategy, Middleby is looking to expand their global footprint.

Middleby International Investment
Middleby International Investment
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