Current Backyard Model G Electric Grill Wins a Red Dot Design Award

W.C. Bradley Co., the company behind grill brands such as Charbroil, Oklahoma Joe’s and Pit Boss, launched an electric grill company last year called Current Backyard. Their first grill, the Model G, was unveiled at CES and is at the forefront of electric grilling technology.

It was well received at CES and it’s continued to win accolades as it’s picked-up a 2024 Red Dot Design Award in Product Design. From its aesthetics and spending many hours cooking on it, it’s easy to see why.

It offers a gas grilling experience, has the latest connected tech, and dual-zone capabilities. While it’s perfect for people with tight spaces, or those that can’t cook with fire, I find myself using it frequently just because it’s really convenient. No propane or charcoal to mess with, just plug it in and set the temperature.

Beyond it’s capabilities, you can tell that designers spent time thinking through its function. It has different cart and cabinet options when you build it online to match how you plan to use it.

If you’re like me and want the function of collapsible side shelves, but hate that they often don’t feel solid, Current Backyard came up with a solution. The side shelves are removeable, so you can lock them in place to use them or switch them to a different folded locked in position for storage.

On the visual front, it’s a great looking grill. It comes it different color options that all look modern and sleek. The look is fresh and polished, while still staying traditional to how you want a grill to look.

The design team at Current Backyard did their homework with this one. It’s not surprising that receiving recognition for it.


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