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Weber Lumin Electric Grill Earns Red Dot Award for Design

Weber’s versatile and colorful electric grill, Lumin, has been recognized for its design. It received a Red Dot Award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024 competition.

Apart from Lumin’s good looks, what sets it apart from other grills is its grate system. The Lumin can sear, smoke, steam, boil, or even griddle, all from an electric fueled package. There’s also two cooking grate sections, so you can perform two cooking methods at once.

Weber Lumin Smoke Feature
Weber Lumin Smoke Feature

Weber has been one of the best with their cooking grate design on all of their new grills. They have modular systems that integrate with their wide array of Weber CRAFTED accessories. Even their charcoal grills have some smart design to the grate system.

Award Winning Grills

The annual Red Dot Award: Product Design award is based on the decision of the Red Dot jury, which consists of 39 experts from 20 countries on four continents. The experts assess the submissions based on the four basic principles of good design: the quality of function, the quality of seduction, the quality of use and the quality of responsibility.

Beyond the Lumin being recognized this year, Weber’s SmokeFire Stealth Edition pellet grill earned the award for 2022. Other recognition that the Lumin has received includes being added to Oprah’s O List: Best of Spring 2023.

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