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Conair to Construct a 2.1 Million Sq-Ft Distribution Center in Maryland

Conair, the small appliance maker that recently purchased Cuisinart Outdoors, has announced plans to open the largest warehouse of small appliances in the nation. The new facility will be located at 10440 Downsville Pike and 17250 Sterling Road in Hagerstown, MD and will be approximately 2.1 million square feet.

After meeting with Governor Moore, I am delighted to find a shared commitment to creating prosperity and fostering a thriving business environment

Ronald T. Diamond, CEO and President of Conair LLC

The facility represents a $75 million investment by Conair. To assist with project costs, the Maryland Department of Commerce is working on approving a $2 million conditional loan through Advantage Maryland (MEDAAF). That is in addition to a $200,000 conditional loan from Washington County that is pending approval from the Board of County Commissioners.

It’s very exciting to welcome a global company like Conair to Maryland. Our state’s distribution and logistics industry continues to thrive as companies aim to reach customers in record time. Conair will see great success with this new facility and our dedicated local workforce.

Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland

The new facility from Conair will create approximately 700 new full-time jobs in Maryland over the next 10 years.

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