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Blackstone to Expand Outdoor Lifestyle Offerings and Sell Toys?

Blackstone made waves last week when they finally released their new pizza oven. Do they have more new products in the works though? If their trademark filings are any indication they are going to continue expanding their line-up into other categories.

Blackstone Base Camp

Blackstone has had quite a few trademark filings in the outdoor living space recently. They had a filing late last year for outdoor heating and fire pits, then shortly after, for their logo to be on outdoor seating.

In another recent trademark, they filed to use the name Base Camp. It could be for a new Blackstone line of goods, because it covers not only grills and griddles, but things like sleeping bags, tents, and portable audio.

We’ll see if this coming summer Blackstone breaks into the outdoor lifestyle space.

Blackstone Toys

Outdoor cooking companies file for an array of trademarks. They have obvious ones like the names of grills, down to things like slogans. For example, Nexgrill trademarked the phrase “Creating Moments that Matter” last year. The latest one from Blackstone was a surprise though.

They filed for a trademark to use the Blackstone name on “toy cooking stations with toy cooking implements and toy food”.

It would be neat if they do plan to develop some Blackstone toys. I just hope they do it soon, because my kids are starting to age out of playing with toy cooking stations.

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