Blackstone Releases Leggero Pizza Oven – More Portable and Cheaper

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It’s been almost a year since Blackstone released their much awaited pizza oven, with two stones, that rotated on their own. They’ve just released a new oven that’s more portable and much cheaper called the Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven.

Features and Specs

Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven Specifications
Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven Specifications

The Leggero has some great features that differentiate it from other ovens on the market.

  • Retail price of $399.99 (check price) – Blackstone often runs sales
  • Electric, rotating, 13″ pizza stone, so no turning by hand is a thing of the past
  • Built-in thermometer to tell you when it’s heated-up
  • Can run off a 1 lb propane tank, or a 20 lb tank with a separate adapter
  • Max temperature of 800 degrees F
Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven Temp Gauge
Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven Temp Gauge

What Makes it Special

There are some features with this pizza oven that we really like and can be hard to find, especially at this price point.

Electric Ignition

Cheaper pizza ovens often come with piezoelectric ignitions on the burner. This is kind that you turn, and then it clicks a spark once, and hopefully your oven is lit.

Those can work great, except if it’s breezy out, then your left turning the knob over and over again. I had one pizza making session on an oven with a piezoelectric ignition where the temperature was below freezing and it was windy, and I couldn’t get the oven started. After 30 minutes of hand-numbing cold, I returned inside in defeat to order pizza for the family.

Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven Gas Knob
Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven Gas Knob

The Leggero comes with a electric ignition (battery or AC powered), so you won’t have that problem. The electric ignition will click until it starts, like most gas grills.

Hinged Door

Another great feature is that this oven has a hinged metal door on the front of the oven. This adds to the hands off nature of the oven, because you can load a pizza, shut the door, and the oven will do the rest. The metal door has slots in it so you can see inside while it helps lock-in some heat.

Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven - Inside
Blackstone Leggero Pizza Oven – Inside

Gas Control in the Front

Unlike other ovens that have the gas control knob in the back, this oven has it in the front. It’s a convenience feature because you don’t have to reach around a hot oven to change the temperature level. It makes it much easier to use the oven.

Another Non-Griddle Product

The release of another pizza oven is interesting from Blackstone because it’s another non-griddle product. Their core business is, and probably always will be, griddles but it’s good to see them release other products.

What’s great about pizza ovens, like griddles, is even if you have a grill it doesn’t stop you from buying one. They’re another great tool to have for outdoor cooking and can do what a traditional grill can’t. This allows Blackstone to have a much larger market than if they branched out into a more traditional grill product.


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