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Z Grills Will Send You Grills for 50 Years for $777 Plus Shipping

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Pellet grill manufacturer, Z Grills, has created a promotion for their grills that’s unlike any other. You buy 1 grill for $777, and you get 10 grills for free.

That’s not a typo. The way it works is you buy a grill today for $777 and then every five years they send you a new grill for a $100 shipping fee for the next 50 years.

Today you can choose from a various grill options in the 700 and 1000 series, there are 8 model options in total. In the future you’ll get a similar model with the benefit of whatever advancements the model has by then.

To take full advantage of the deal, make sure you focus on living as long a possible. Many of us won’t make it to receive all of the grills in the promotion.

Is it Worth it?

For this deal your betting on Z Grills still being around to honor the deal every five years. According to their website, they started this in 2019 and have sent out replacement grills under the program. They have testimonials about it on their website. Z Grills has been around for 30 years, so they have a good track record.

Z Grill 10502B Smoke Beast Pellet Grill
Z Grill 10502B Smoke Beast Pellet Grill

It’s remarkable cheap though. They must think that the marketing value and accessory sales from the promotion outweighs the cost spent on the grills. There’s no way you can manufacture 11 grills for $1,777, especially when you factor in inflation over the 50-year period. For perspective, $100 today had the equivalent buying power of about $15 in 1974.

The average replacement cycle of a grill is about five years, so this promotion sticks to when people buy new grills. The included grills don’t have the WiFi, but they do have PID controllers, so they’re not bad on the technology side.

If you don’t want to wait five years, you can also buy a free grill early for $100 to pull it ahead or an additional $100 for each one after. They even have an option to do that at the start, so you can buy three grills for $1,277 right now – $777 for the first grill $200 for the second with shipping and $300 for the third. Then you have to hang on to those grills until the 15th year, when you’ll receive another.

Is it worth it to get this deal? If you can accept the risk of Z Grills going out of business of not honoring it, it’s not a bad way to get a new grill every five years. That’s especially true if you’re not worried about having the latest technology. The promotion is only available for a limited time and a limited quantity, so don’t wait to take advantage of the deal.

Z Grills Marketing

Z Grills has the most unique and creative grill promotions of any brand. In addition to this really wild promotion, Z Grills also sells mystery box grills sometimes. That’s where you spend money for a grill and don’t know what it is until it’s shipped. They guarantee what the minimum grill will be and you can take your chance on getting something better.

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