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Would You Buy a Grill Without Knowing What it is? With Z Grills You Can

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If you’ve ever had buyers’ paralysis with all of the potential grill options out there, and you don’t want to spend time reading one of our guides, Z Grills has you covered. Back by popular demand is their 2022 Pellet Grill Blind Box.

You read that right, for only $399 you can buy a pellet grill, without knowing what pellet grill you’re buying. All they tell you is it will have a PID controller, which should give you consistent temps when you’re cooking an unknown quantity of food. You could end up with one of the following grills.

Once your fate is decided and your indecision is solved with your mystery grill, it’ll also come with the following “accessories”.

  • 5 foil bucket liners
  • 1 BBQ sticker pack
  • 1 Mission Card

The Mission Card is a way to get a free cover for your grill if you follow Z Grills on social media and create a video about your blind box.

While we like to know what we’re buying, if you’re someone that like to leave it up to chance, there are some good values in the grill list. No judgement here if you like to roll the dice!

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