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Traeger to Launch a New Premium Grill Platform

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Update: Traeger released the new Timberline Grill

Last night we wrote an article about the financial performance of Traeger, but now we’ll get into the fun stuff. We learned in their conference call that next week Traeger will be launching a new premium grill platform. They will hold a public livestream on March 30th at 12:30pm ET to give details on the new grill.

We expect that 2022 will be an inflection point in our innovation cycle as next week, we will be launching a new grill platform which we believe will be one of the most important launches in the company’s 35-year history. We are extremely excited about this new grill launch as it truly represents the innovation leadership with Traeger. This new grill line incorporates attributes from years of investment into consumer research and customer feedback.

Jeremy Andrus, Traeger Chief Executive Officer

Beyond just launching a new premium grill platform next week, Jeremy gave indication that we’ll see some of that technology on other Traeger grills. That’s great news for people that are shopping for the lower end models.

…if you look at our history of cash grade innovation, we launched Timberline in 2017. We brought all of that technology plus additional technology in the direct drive all the way down to our Pro 575 which was priced at $799 at the time.

Jeremy Andrus, Traeger Chief Executive Officer

With Traeger’s acquisition of MEATER in 2021, a player in the wireless smart thermometer category, we are speculating that the new grill platform could include a wireless probe. That would be a welcome addition and add convenience to the grilling experience.

Some other quick product updates from the conference call are:

  • As of March of 2022, Traeger sauces and rubs are for sale in Kroger grocery stores.
  • Traeger is opening a new Mexico facility for mass production to improve their supply chain and their evaluating long-term opportunities to bring more manufacture closer to their core market in the US.
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