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SEERGRILLS Perfecta Debuts – An AI Powered Automatic Infrared Grill

If you want perfectly grilled steak and chicken but lack the time or skill to do it, SEERGRILLS has a solution. This weekend they are unveiling the Perfecta grill at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which automates the grilling process.

SEERGRILLS Perfecta - Interface
SEERGRILLS Perfecta – Interface

While software has been an ever growing part of new grills, the Perfecta takes it to the next level. There’s a touchscreen display on the grill where you select the protein type, the cut, the doneness, and the sear level, then the grill does the rest.

Through the use of dual 1,652° F infrared burners, the Perfecta will cook a 1″ ribeye in 90 seconds, or four chicken breasts in two minutes and 30 seconds. To make sure your meat is perfectly every time, there are a series of a sensors providing data back to the controller for the grill.

SEERGRILLS Perfecta - Steak Being Loaded
SEERGRILLS Perfecta – Steak Being Loaded

With the dual burner setup, there is no flipping either. You just load your steak sideways into the grill, and let it do the rest.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $3,500
  • Runs off 12V electric and propane together
  • Has stainless steel and ceramic glass construction, because it’s an outdoor grill, but the electronics mean it shouldn’t be used in wet or snowy conditions
  • Has an emergency stop button to shut off gas and electronics instantly, which is really nice to have with how hot this gets
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray for cleaning

Infrared Grilling

The high heat of infrared burners are great for cooking steaks. You’ll find them used in salamander broilers at high-end steak houses, like Ruth’s Chris.

They’ve also made their way in the backyard as side burners on some grills, or dedicated steak grills like the Otto Wilde.

The SEERGRILLS Perfecta takes the proven technology to the next level though with it’s advanced automation. It’s unlike any other grill on the market, which is why Perfecta is a CES Innovation Award Honoree.

CES Grilling Innovation

This is a great year for grilling and barbecue products at CES. In addition to Perfecta, there’s a new electric grill brand launching there, some new smart charcoal grills, and an indoor smoker for your kitchen from GE.

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