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GE Releases the Profile Smart Indoor Smoker for Indoor BBQ

Do you dream of making delicious barbecue from your kitchen? Whether you live in an apartment, somewhere cold, or you just don’t feel like going outside, GE has a first of its kind solution. They’ve released the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker, which as the name would imply, is a smoker that’s safe to use inside.

Arden Smoker is Now the GE Profile

The GE Profile Indoor Smoker has been in development for a little while under the name Arden, which is the innovation arm of GE. They ran an Indiegogo campaign to bring the indoor smoker to market. It’s now come to market under the GE Profile name, which is well known for appliances.

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker Cooking Brisket
GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker Cooking Brisket


While there was speculation when this indoor smoker was being developed that it would cost thousands of dollars, GE has managed to keep it just under $1,000. That’s a competitive price compared to to other smokers on the market, especially considering this is a first of it’s kind indoor smoker.

The GE Profile Indoor Smoker is available at various home goods retailers. It’s also available on GE’s website and at Best Buy. We receive no compensation and have no relationship with any of the retailers that they sell at, but my preference would be to buy at Best Buy because they have a reward program.

Pellet Smoke

Where does the smoke come from and where does it go? Well, it works similar to an electric smoker. It has a Calrod heating element for temperature control, and then it has a separate system to smolder wood pellets for smoke. This allows you to control the temperature and the smoke level separately.

You can use any widely available pellets for the indoor smoker, so no proprietary pellets hear. Then, to deal with the smoke there is a smoke filtration system. This means that your kitchen won’t smell smokey and you won’t set off the fire alarm.

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $999
  • Temperature range of 185 to 300 degrees F
  • Includes a temperature probe to monitor you cooks
  • Has WiFi connectivity with the GE app to monitor and control your cook
  • Weighs 40 lbs


It would be hard to sell this if it was a giant smoker that took up a whole counter. It does have a rack system like other vertical smokers to maximize space. According to GE it will fit 3 racks of ribs (cut in half); a brisket (cut in half); a full chicken; up to 40 chicken wings; or a 14 pound pork butt.

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker Dimensions
GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker Dimensions

Smoke Flavor

The question that everybody wants to know is, how is the flavor? While we haven’t tested this indoor smoker, there is a video from when it was in development with Jeremy Yoder (Mad Scientist BBQ). He has lots of good content on YouTube and has cooked and eaten a ton of BBQ.

He noted that the ribs it produced had great bark, even when compared to a traditional pellet grill. It also better flavor than BBQ restaurants in the Louisville area.

His only con that he noted is the smoke flavor was more surface level. Keep in mind when he tried the ribs the indoor smoker was still in development, and he didn’t cook them, so it’s possible they could be improved upon.


The pellets on the indoor smoker are loaded in the top, then once they are spent they drop down to a water tank to extinguish them. That puts them out for safety, and also allows you to strain them and easily through them away.

The racks and pan inside the smoker are all removeable for cleaning. Once everything is out, you can wipe down the inside of the smoker.

Consumer Electronics Show and BBQ

You can add the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker to the list of barbecue and grilling devices this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It joins the company of Masterbuilt and a new full-sized electric grill brand, Current Backyard.

While not traditionally known for featuring innovative grills, it’s interesting that there are new releases at CES this year. It’s something we’ll be watching in the future for coverage.

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