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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 9/17/22

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Thanks to Greg Rempe and The BBQ Central Show for having me on this week. Click here to check out the segment and be sure to subscribe. It’s a great listen!

If you run into someone that has a grill, there’s an 80% chance that they have a Weber or Char-Broil grill. That’s how top heavy the market share is for outdoor cooking companies. This week we took a look at the top 15 companies and dissected the information.

There were a couple partnerships announced this week. Ooni proceeded with their Australian market launch and a new marketing partner. While over at Coleman, they partnered with Airbnb style camping company Tentrr on outfitting campsites.

Have you ever thought about creating electricity from your grill? Well, BioLite has. We took a look at their patent for their camp stove that generates electricity. In the patent they give an example of a design to retrofit on a kettle style charcoal grill.

A Nexgrill trademark was released for something called the SPIRE grill. We speculate that the name could be an upcoming electric grill. This would add to the growing list of companies entering the full-size electric grill market.

The stock market has been getting hammered recently. That hasn’t stopped outdoor cooking executives from buying stock into the weakness. We took a look a who is doing the buying.

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