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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 7/23/22

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re keeping cool while you read this with how hot it is everywhere right now. An easy grilling experience is needed on days like these, which brings me to my first story.

We did an in-depth review this week on the Char-Broil EDGE electric grill, which is about as easy as it gets. Plug it in, set the temperature and off you go. The grill marks we got on a ribeye with the EDGE are a thing of beauty.

Weber apparently also wants to get in on the electric grill party, because a trademark was released for potentially a new electric grill. Named the LUMIN grill, we’ll see if it ends up being and EDGE competitor like we think it will. Weber currently doesn’t have a product in the full-size electric grill space.

Big changes are happening at two outdoor cooking companies. First, at recteq they announced a new CEO. They had been founder led up until this point, so this is their first CEO hire. Recteq took on quite a bit of investor money from a private equity firm in early 2021, so that is quite possibly the driving factor.

The other big changes came from Traeger, where they are doing a series of cost cutting initiatives. They are doing layoffs, suspending Traeger Provisions (their barbecue delivery service), and postponing the move to manufacturing in Mexico.

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