Pit Boss Titan is Released with a Touchscreen, Grate System, and More

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Pit Boss has released one of their best grills yet, exclusively at Academy Sports. As a new addition to the Competition Series, the Pit Boss Titan has the latest technology and features from the company.

Pit Boss does quite a few retailer exclusive models, so it can be hard to keep straight what their best model, or line is. The Competitions Series and the Pro Series (available at Lowe’s), are both similarly equipped and have the best features from the brand. Of the Competition Series, the new Titan stands out as having the newest and best features of the bunch.

Pit Boss Titan Pellet Grill Touchscreen Controller
Pit Boss Titan Pellet Grill Touchscreen Controller

Features and Specs

  • Retail price of $1,299 (check price), and sold exclusively at Academy
  • Over 1,600 square inches of cooking area
  • Large 40 lb pellet hopper
  • 4.3″ touchscreen on the controller for an easy cooking experience
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for connecting to the Pit Boss app on your smart phone
  • Easy ash management, so you don’t need to pull out the shop vac
  • Variable Smoke Technology (VST) lets you adjust smoke levels of your cook
  • Roll top lid with dual insulation for cooking in any climate
  • Includes 2 meat probes
  • Lever to access the fire pot for direct flame searing
  • New wood pellet burn system allows for easier starts and more even temperatures
  • Temperature range of 150° F to 500° F

Pellet Divider

The Titan is the first Pit Boss grill to have a pellet divider. What this allows you to do is easily mix two different types of pellets, if you’d like to. In a traditional hopper, your pellets would be layered on each other when loading, so there was no mixing. The divider lets you put different types in each side, and they’re mixed when they’re fed into the auger.

Adjustable Rack System

There are two things to really like about the rack system on this grill. It’s adjustable and it’s stainless steel.

Pit Boss Titan Competition Series Pellet Grill With Food
Pit Boss Titan Competition Series Pellet Grill With Food

The racks can be adjusted both for height and for how many you want in a row, to make a bigger rack. That’s especially helpful for getting the most use out of the cooking area, or if you like cooking with a water pan under you food.

Stainless steel racks are usually an accessory you have to add-on with the purchase of a grill, so it’s great that they come standard. Plus, there’s even storage hooks on the back of the grill, so you don’t have to put them on the ground (that’s what I do at least) when not in use.


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