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Nexgrill Releases Griddle and Smoker Accessory Packs, Plus a Prep Cart

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As somebody that uses a griddle frequently, I can tell you that you need accessories to unlock the true potential of a griddle. For new griddle owners or seasoned pros, Nexgrill has released accessory packs to help you get the most out of your Daytona griddle. They also released an accessory pack for their Oakford smokers and a prep cart.

For boosting the cooking experience on our Daytona griddles and Oakford smokers, these new accessories can resonate with grill enthusiasts at every level. These accessories are well designed, multi-functional, extremely durable and feel great in your hands.

Ramsay Hawfield, Vice President of Marketing at Nexgrill

Griddle Accessories

Like all of Nexgrill’s products, their accessory packs are value priced. We’ve compiled links to all of the accessories, so you can easily find them, because they are store exclusives.

  • Daytona Griddle Starter Pack (7-piece): This set includes slotted and unslotted stainless steel griddle spatulas, squirt bottles, egg rings and a stainless-steel griddle scraper.
  • Daytona Smash Burger Kit (4-piece): This includes a 14-inch spatula, cast iron smash burger press, stainless-steel burger spice shaker and 100 BPA-free burger press wax sheets.
  • Daytona Griddle Cleaning Kit (12-piece): This includes a heavy-duty stainless-steel griddle scraper, stone handle, scour pad and cleaning screen handle, two pumice stones, three scour pads, three cleaning screens and a squirt bottle.

Of the accessory packs, the Griddle Starter Pack is pretty much essential for owning a griddle. If you want to make smash burgers – which you will – you’ll also want the Smash Burger Kit. You can get buy without it in a pinch, but you may end up with a bent spatula or a burnt hand, so I’d definitely recommend the kit.

The Griddle Cleaning Kit is a little more in the nice to have category, because you can get by with just scrub pads and paper towel. The price on it is really good though, so it’s probably worth it to just get the kit.

Standalone Griddle Accessories

Beyond the griddle packs, they also released some standalone accessories.

  • Daytona Griddle Melting Dome and Wire Rack Kit: This includes a melting dome for locking in heat when you’re doing things like melting cheese or cooking fried eggs. It also include a wire rack for resting food.
  • Daytona Griddle Shovel: This is good for managing large amounts of food – think fried rice as an example.
  • Daytona Butter Wheel: This is a wheel that sits in a tub of delicious melted butter on your griddle for evenly spreading on buns.

I’d put all the standalone accessories in the “nice to have” category. They will all improve and speed up your cooking, but you can do without them.

If you’re on a tight budget, I sometimes use a disposable aluminum foil pan in place of a melting dome. It heats up, so pick it up carefully with your spatula. Then you can just use it for serving what your cooking.

A griddle shovel is great for things like fried rice, but you can use a spatula, it will just take longer. Similarly, you can melt butter on the griddle surface and put buns on top of the butter. It won’t be as even as the butter wheel, but it does the trick on a budget.

Other Accessories

Beyond the griddle accessories, Nexgrill also released a couple others.

  • Oakford Smoker Tool Kit (9-piece): The kit includes a large spatula with serrated edge, a pigtail meat flipper, two meat claws and five S-hooks. They’re all made out of stainless steel or durable plastic.
  • Outdoor Food Prep Cart: This prep station has 648 square inches of stainless-steel countertop space, a smartphone/tablet stand, adjustable condiment tray, trash bag and paper towel holders, and two wheels to easily move it around.

Depending on what you plan on cooking, the Smoker Tool Kit is either essential of a “nice to have”. Of the tools it comes with, the meat claws are probably the most essential, because you’ll want to cook pulled pork. Meat claws make shredding much easier than using two forks. The only problem I have with meat claws is I have big hands, so they often are a little uncomfortable to use, but still worth it.

A food prep cart is something I use pretty much every time I cook. It’s nice that the version from Nexgrill has a stainless top for durability and cleaning. It’s also great that it comes with a smartphone/tablet stand. That’s a really smart idea on a prep cart, so you can watch videos or read recipes while prepping.

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