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Nature’s Earth Products plans $10.8 million Pellet Mill Expansion

The Alabama Department of Commerce announced that Nature’s Earth Products LLC plans to invest over $10.8 million in an expansion project that will double its manufacturing capacity at its facility in the city of Reform, AL in Pickens County. The project includes installing a new production line with updated, more efficient equipment. The expansion will add 12 new jobs, netting 55 total employees, with the new jobs paying an average wage of more than $22 an hour.

Based in West Palm Beach, FL, Nature’s Earth has traditionally focused their wood pellet business on bedding and heating pellets. This expansion though will accompany plans to move into the BBQ pellet market. Nature’s Earth is the latest company to expand BBQ pellet operation with Pit Boss parent Danson’s opening the largest BBQ pellet operation in the country and Traeger buying a facility in late 2020 to increase capacity. Growth in the pellet industry isn’t limited to producers, as pellet mill manufacturers have also been innovating their technology.

We are excited about doubling our production from 70,000 tons to 140,000 tons allowing us to better serve our existing customers and to open new markets for our environmentally friendly bedding and heating pellets — Feline Pine, Equine Pine, and Freedom Fuel

Ken Simard, CEO

Nature’s Earth converts wood chips and bio waster into pellets used for cat litter, horse bedding and heating under the brands Feline Pine, Equine Pin and Freedom Fuel. They also private label their pellets for distribution by other companies. We’ve reached out to them for comment on if they plan to brand or private label their BBQ pellets.

Nature’s Earth is an important part of Reform’s economy, and it was vital for us to help the company maintain and grow its presence in the community. With this expansion project, Nature’s Earth solidifies its future in Pickens County, and that’s great news.

Brenda Tuck, Rural Development Manager for the Alabama Department of Commerce

Nature’s Earth is the largest manufacturer in Reform, AL, and began operations in 2003 after it purchased a shuttered facility. The Pickens County Commission is providing a 10-year tax abatement of non-educational property taxes to help Nature’s Earth offset the costs of expansion. The project also qualified for incentives through the Alabama Jobs Act.

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