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Is Weber Developing a New Pellet Grill Called Searwood?

As we noted last week, Weber is planning on some major product releases for 2024. While we think one might be a new redesign on the popular Weber Q portable grill, could another be a new pellet grill called the Weber Searwood?

Weber recently trademarked the name Searwood. The description of the word mark is barbecue grills and smokers. We think it makes the most sense that they would use that name for a pellet grill, because a common complaint of pellet grills is they can’t sear like a gas grill. It’s also one of the only wood fueled grills that you’d try to sear on.

To add more validity to that guess, for Weber’s new grills this year they launched what they call Sear+ for their SmokeFire pellet grill. While that feature seems to be just a different grate design, it leads us to believe that it’s a problem that Weber is focused on.

While Weber’s other new grills for this year, the Lumin electric grill and a new griddle, are new grill designs, the Sear+ is just a new feature on their existing pellet grill. At this point their SmokeFire pellet grill is getting old compared to what’s on the market.

Traeger released their new Timberline last year and just released a new Ironwood pellet grill. Both have an updated design with a host of new features that are better than the Weber SmokeFire.

If the global leader in grilling wants to keep up with other pellet grills out there, they’ll need a new design. It’s very possible they’re working on it with the Searwood.

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