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Innovative Portable Charcoal Grill, Barbeall Launches Kickstarter

SREID has developed a portable charcoal grill called Barbeall (pronounced Barb-e-all) to innovate outdoor cooking.  Unlike the gas powered Weber Traveler, this smart grill uses a computer controlled fan to modulate airflow into the burning charcoal briquettes, thereby controlling the temperature and minimizing charcoal consumption (an advertised 10% of a conventional charcoal grill), smoke and leftover ash.  The design is similar to that of a Bundt pan, with the firebox occupying the center, and multiple layers around the center for cooking to maximize the space. Smart charcoal grills, like the Spark Grill, are a relative newcomer, but welcome addition to the outdoor cooking market.

From the Kickstarter, the Barbeall can boil, braise, roast, bake, fry, or grill.  The MSRP of the various models range between $159 – $459, but contributors to the Kickstarter can get them at of a discount of 39% – 41%.  The fundraising goal of $5,000 has already been well exceeded.

Beabeall is amongst other innovative grill designs on Kickstarter.

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