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Wild Fire 4-in-1 Grill Launches Today

If you’re looking for an innovative grill and the Spark Grill, Adventure Boil-Grill or the Weber Traveler portable gas grill aren’t what you need, Wildbrand Products LLC, located in Boone, NC announced that the Wild Fire 4-in1 Grill launches today. The four cooking methods included in the platform are a coal-fired grill, a pizza oven, and asado-style grill and a warming station. Beyond the various capabilities, what differentiates this grill from others is its air control. A 110V DC – 12V DC power pack allows variable adjustability and enables the grill to climb to 1,100 degrees F in about 10 minutes.

From the press release, creator Scott Kobryn said “I wanted to create something that is compact, powerful and portable while being able to grill up anything. Wild Fire 4-in-1 is really the best tool for tailgating, grilling on the deck or making dinner at a campsite. It’s efficient and easy to use, setting it apart from everything else on the market.”

The grill made with a aluminum body, stainless steel internal, a porcelain coated steel lid and weighs in at 36 pounds. An included 12V rechargeable battery pack can power the blower on the grill for hours. The grill can be pre-ordered starting at $429 on Kickstarter.

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