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Grilla Grills Releases New Outdoor Kitchen Configuration

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Grilla Grills has identified their outdoor kitchen offerings as a differentiator for their brand. They’ve been adding new components to the line and now they’ve added another configuration.

Their outdoor kitchen is a modular system, and their newest offering is the 4-Piece Primate Outdoor Kitchen. As the name would imply, it features their Primate gas grill as the centerpiece.

The setup is just over 10 feet in length and it includes all of the modular sections Grilla has released to date. It has a variety of drawers and doors for storage, has a sink with faucet, and it has a refrigerator.

The outdoor kitchen island is constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel with black porcelain countertops. It retails for $5,395 (check price) but it’s currently on sale. It ships directly to your door and can be assembled in a few hours with a couple of people, according to Grilla.

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