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Electric Grill Maker Kenyon Releases New Freestanding Grill

Grill companies have been betting on a future with electric grills. Napoleon is set to release the Rogue line, Weber may have a new electric grill in the works, and the new Char-Broil EDGE performed well in our testing. Electric grill maker Kenyon is now entering the space with their new Freestanding Grill packages.

The new Freestanding Grills are designed to be the perfect partner for the Kenyon lineup without having to choose between grilling solely indoors or outdoors. Kenyon has always sought to provide their consumer base with innovative and quality products, while solving the problems of everyday cooks to expert grill masters. This new addition will allow our customers to fully choose their experience while also having a stunning, yet functional, statement piece in their outdoor areas.

Phil Williams, president of Kenyon International Inc

Kenyon offers an array of tabletop, electric grills that they advertise can be used both inside and outside. They are built with marine grade stainless steel and are claimed to be waterproof, but a rating isn’t listed in the specifications.

What Kenyon released today is a 304 stainless steel stand that the grills can be placed in for dedicated outdoor use. The grills are available in packages with the stand.


  • Retail price of $1,250+ for the most inexpensive grill and stand package
  • Temperatures of 550 degrees F+
  • Cooking area of 155 square inches to 213 square inches, depending on the model
  • Foil drip tray underneath the heating element


The versatility of being able to use the grills inside or out is a nice feature. The drip tray that can also be filled with a liquid is a good idea as well, but we fear you’ll see a performance degradation in practice. You’d be using the heat energy from the Calrods to heat a pan of fluid in addition to the grill surface. That would certainly increase warm-up times in addition to possibly limiting the top-end temperature.

When it comes to performance and price, the Char-Broil EDGE clearly has the edge (sorry, couldn’t resist) over Kenyon’s new freestanding offering. The stainless steel construction and clean aesthetic will no doubt win over some buyers though.

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