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Blackstone to Continue to Expand their Outdoor Kitchen Line?

Blackstone entered the outdoor kitchen segment earlier this year with the release of a line of cabinets, configurations, and high-end griddles. If their recent trademark filing is any indication, they plan to continue to add to that line.

They filed for their name to be used on a variety of outdoor kitchen products. It’s a lengthy list of products they currently sell, and some they don’t. The list includes dishwashers, range tops, cook tops, griddle tops, range hoods, refrigerators, freezers, and combined refrigerator and freezers.

Modular outdoor kitchens is an area we’ve seen more focus on recently. We’ve seen it called out by American Outdoor Brands for their Grilla Grills brand. They’ve also just released a new refrigerator for their outdoor kitchen line.

Outdoor kitchens is an area that is ripe for disruption. They’ve traditionally required finding a contractor and extensive construction. Modular outdoor kitchen options could make building an outdoor kitchen cheaper and more accessible.

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