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BBQ and Whiskey Come Together in New Weber Seasoning Line

If there’s one thing that’s great besides BBQ, it’s whiskey. Put them both together, and you have a perfect match.

B&G Foods has done just that with their new line of Weber branded, whiskey inspired seasonings. The seasonings come in three different varieties, Buffalo Trace, Southern Comfort, and Fireball. All of the whiskeys that inspired the seasonings are made by Sazerac.

We are constantly looking for new ways to elevate consumers’ culinary experiences with completely unique, yet familiar, seasoning flavor offerings. Weber®, our licensed brand behind a wide range of grilling seasoning blends, rubs, marinades, sprays and sauces, has been an innovator within grilling spices for years thanks to expertly crafted flavors that are designed to perform exceptionally on the grill, delivering delicious meat, veggies and sides. The flavor profile of each of these spirits-inspired seasonings is outstanding, and we’re excited for consumers to begin experimenting with them.

Virginia Jordan, Senior Marketing Director, Spices & Flavor Solutions, B&G Foods

The descriptions of the seasoning in the press release are as follows.

  • Fireball™ Whiskey Flavored Weber® Seasoning – embraces the bold heat of Fireball with sweet heat cinnamon flavor. This seasoning is perfect for igniting your Fall tailgate spread when paired with wings, ribs, pasta salads, desserts and other touchdown worthy food such as Fireball Sweet Potato Fries.
  • Buffalo Trace™ Whiskey Flavored Weber® Seasoning – inspired by the sweet fruit flavor and rich caramel notes of Buffalo Trace, bringing a smooth, savory flavor to various meats, sides, and even desserts. Fire up the grill and wow your friends with the flavor of this beloved spirit on meats, desserts and sides such as Buffalo Trace Caramelized Onion Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Southern Comfort™ Whiskey Flavored Weber® Seasoning – features a balanced blend of stone fruit flavors, warm spices, and garlic to bring the signature, smooth, laid-back Southern Comfort vibe to any dish. It’s versatile enough to enjoy on chicken, vegetables, potatoes and more. Try it in Savory Southern Comfort Biscuits for the ultimate in flavorful comfort food.

The Fireball Sweet Potato Fries sound great. From the flavor profiles, and our love of the bourbon, we’d gravitate towards the Buffalo Trace seasoning and try it on ribs.

This partnership means fans of our brands now have a completely new way to experience the flavors of their favorite spirits – in seasoning form. From cooking, to grilling, and even cocktail preparation, there are now even more ways for our fans to enjoy and experiment with the taste profiles of their favorite spirits. We’re excited to share the recipes B&G Foods has developed and can’t wait to see what consumers come up with, too.

Bryan Rakowski, Brand Portfolio Vice President at Sazerac

The new seasonings will be available at Kroger stores in 6.5 oz shaker bottles. The Buffalo Trace flavor will also be available in a 9 oz bottle at Sam’s Club beginning in September.

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SourceB&G Foods

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