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Another African Acacia Charcoal Brand Enters the Market

The Good Charcoal Company recently entered the US charcoal market with a unique value proposition and has been growing in popularity. They help control invasive Acacia in Namibia by using the wood for charcoal and bringing it to the US market. We interviewed CEO, Ben Jablonski last month about their mission and their business.

Now there is a new competitor in the market also bringing African sourced Acacia charcoal. The Springbok Braai Premium Charcoal brand has launched by Eco Char USA LLC, out of Orlando, FL.

I was born and raised in South Africa before immigrating to the United States. I am very familiar with the family tradition of the Braai BBQ experience. And it all starts with great, locally harvested wood to produce an amazing charcoal. That is what we have created here – in a sustainable way that helps both the land and the people.

Clifford Morris, Founder of Eco Char USA LLC and the Springbok Braai brand

From the press release, a Braai (Brr-Eyee) is a traditional Southern African BBQ that means good food, good company, and a good time.

Not only is Acacia charcoal good for the environment, it burns hotter and longer than other common charcoal from oak or mesquite. Similar to The Good Charcoal Company, Springbok Braai only conducts business with FSC certified charcoal manufacturers.

We are very serious about our sustainability and ethical-sourcing commitments. Certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), a global eco and ethical standards organization, Springbok Braai is absolutely guaranteed to NEVER be made with protected species or Rain Forest-sourced timber. And the FSC also maintains strict employment protection standards as well, carrying out annual audits to ensure that these standards are complied with

Clifford Morris, Founder of Eco Char USA LLC and the Springbok Braai brand

Springbok Braai comes both in lump charcoal and in briquettes. The lump charcoal is sold in 4.0 Kg (8.8 lb) boxes and the briquettes are sold in 2.3 Kg (5 lb) boxes direct from their website. They received their first shipment last April, complete with 2,904 lump boxes and 3,802 briquette boxes to start their business.

They went with a box design, rather than traditional bag packaging, because they believe it stores better and helps protect the charcoal in transit. On their website the briquettes currently retail for $14.99 per box and the lump goes for $25.59 per box. Both have a subscribe and save option that saves you 10%.

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