A Look at a Possible Weber Digitally Controlled Gas Grill

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We’ve written quite a bit about how the future of gas grilling is through digitally controlled valves. These can make the grilling experience easier and allow for control through other devices, like a phone.

Weber has filed for a number of patents in the area, and this week more have been released. The new patents show what a digitally controlled grill could look like and how it could function.

Push Button Valve Control

As seen in the featured image in this article, one method of controlling a digital valve system is through up and down push arrows. The amount they’re pushed corresponds with the flame amount in the burner.

Weber Digital Gas Grill Push Button LEDs
Weber Digital Gas Grill Push Button LEDs

The buttons could include LED indicators to show the flame level, as seen above. There’s also a screen in this example that would communicate information about the operation of the grill.

The downside with using buttons is it can be cumbersome to require so many button pushes for the user to achieve the desired flame level.

Knob Control

The other option for control, is to stick with knobs, like are used today. The only difference being that the knobs aren’t mechanically connected to the gas valves on the burners.

Weber Digital Gas Grill Rotary Knob LEDs
Weber Digital Gas Grill Rotary Knob LEDs

One option that Weber proposes for monitoring flame level on the controls is to have a number of LEDs around the knob. The number of LEDs lit and the color would indicate flame level in the grill.

Sticking with knobs seems like a more user-friendly application. While buttons convey that the grill is digital to the consumer, knobs are much quicker to use. They allow you to easily go from off to maximum with a quick twist as opposed to a bunch of button pushes.


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