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Z Grills is Building Brand Awareness By Sending You 10 Free Pellet Grills

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We wrote in detail last week about Z Grills’ unique promotion that we doubt we’ll ever see from any other manufacturer. They have a limited time offer for buy one grill and get ten for free.

The way it works is you buy a grill today and they’ll send you another similar, but updated, pellet grill every five years for 50 years. Is the first grill $10,000? Nope, it’s an unbelievable $777.

There’s no doubt that the grill market has been through some changes over the last few years. Z Grills has changed their priorities with the market, and according to a company spokesperson, the “Buy One, Get 10 Grills” is it’s latest strategy to build brand awareness.

Our CEO spearheaded this concept. We’re constantly searching for innovative ways to boost Z Grills brand awareness in 2024.

As you might recall, Z Grills sponsored NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Joe Graf Jr. in 2021. However, in 2022, we focused on clearing inventory, so there weren’t any major sponsorships. This focus on inventory management is common across pellet grill brands.

With a significant increase in online sales and profits in 2023, we’re now turning our attention to brand building for 2024. “Buy One, Get 10 Grills” is our CEO’s brainchild, aiming to introduce more people to both pellet grills in general and Z Grills specifically.

Z Grills Spokesperson

It’s notable that they say they’ve seen a significant increase in online sales and profits last year. That’s an outlier from what we’ve seen at other grill companies.

I would assume that sending 10 free grills to customers is a really expensive way to market your brand. According to Z Grills though, this promotion is profitable.

It’s important to remember that Z Grills operates its own factory, allowing us to significantly reduce costs compared to other pellet grill brands. This translates into a high ROI (Return on Investment) for the “Buy One, Get 10 Grills” promotion itself. Additionally, as you mentioned, Z Grills pellets and accessories generate significant profits for us. We heard lots of comments asking if Z Grills will change the name after the promotion? No, Z Grills brand is our company’s most important asset, with an 8-year history behind it. Changing the name would mean losing that legacy and recognition. Additionally, our Buy 1 Get 10 promotion is sustainable and profitable for us. We are confident in our ability to manage and fulfill this offer effectively.

Z Grills Spokesperson

That has been Z Grills’ value proposition all along. You’re buying factory direct, so it’s saving you money on a competitive pellet grill.

They pointed me to the testimonials on their website of customers that got in on the “Buy One, Get 10 Grills” deal in 2019 and have received new free grills this year.

We received a lot of positive feedback from participants in the 2019 promotion. Many left reviews on our social media posts. You can also see them highlighted in the “WE HAVE KEPT OUR PROMISE” section on our website.

Z Grills Spokesperson

Innovation Coming

Z Grills has been around for a while, and while I haven’t tested any of their grills, it’s easy to find satisfied customers. From forums to social media, there are many people that really like what Z Grills brings to the table.

Z Grills 700 D4E with WiFi Pellet Grill
Z Grills 700 D4E with WiFi Pellet Grill

Beyond the seemingly crazy inexpensive promotion they’re running, Z Grills offers grills with features like WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity similar to other brands. According to them, there will be more innovation coming as soon as this month.

We’re heavily invested in Z Grills product development. We have a major announcement coming at the end of June regarding our Z Grills Wi-Fi app. We’re also actively exploring ways to make pellet grills achieve the speed of gas grills, and even considering incorporating AI into our controllers.

Z Grills Spokesperson
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