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Weber Commemorates its 70th Anniversary With Limited Edition Kettle Collection

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After reporting Q1 earnings 10 days ago, Weber Grills (NYSE: WEBR) announced today that it commemorating its 70th anniversary with a new limited edition kettle collection (Weber shop link).  While still innovating today, with grills like the Weber Traveler portable gas grill, the kettle collection celebrates the original charcoal grill that it produced and the release date is the first week of May.

“When our founder George Stephen invented the iconic Weber Kettle in 1952, he initiated a new era in grilling,” said Jennifer Bonuso, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Product for Weber. “This constantly curious, entrepreneurial spirit of innovation that George embodied is the lifeblood of our Company, and our new Anniversary Kettle Collection honors 70 years of Weber grilling and how we continually strive to reinvent the outdoor cooking experience.”

The charcoal grills features heritage colors and details that reflect the 1950s in America and are named after elements of American culture. Weber developed the colors and names with a fan group on social media to develop the individual kettle color names.

  • Hot Rod Yellow nods to classic ‘50s car models.
  • Hollywood Gray speaks to the silver screen and the advent of drive-in movie theaters and stereo sound.
  • Diner Green celebrates the classic ‘50s diners that shaped the country’s love for hamburgers, french fries, and club sandwiches.
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Blue honors the emergence of rock and roll and rockabilly music.

The kettles also feature a solid bottom, silver utility tray for storage, a ‘50s-inspired automobile-style hood-ornament lid thermometer, white-walled wheels, wood-like nylon handles.

Weber didn’t stop with the kettles, they also come with a vintage Weber steel sign and bottle opener, and throwback-style Weber packaging. The charcoal grills will me made in the USA from parts sourced globally.

Click here to go to Weber’s site dedicated to the 70th Anniversary Kettle Collection where there are some cool, historic photos of Weber through the years. Click here to buy limited edition grill on Weber.com.

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