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Vista Outdoor Locates Revelyst HQ in Providence and An Update on Sale

While Camp Chef’s parent company continues to mull over their recent offer from MNC Capital, they are continuing to progress their planned sale of their Sporting Products division to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG). Through that process, we’ve had a couple updates on their business.

Outdoor Products HQ

In an SEC filing it was revealed that the Outdoor Products division (named Revelyst), which houses Camp Chef, will be headquartered in Providence, RI. While it is notable that it’s a new location, it likely doesn’t have an impact on the locations of the brands themselves, it houses shared operations. There was no indication that it will have any impact on Camp Chef, which is based out of Utah.

Czechoslovak Group Benefits

CSG issued a press release detailing why selling the Sporting Products division is good for Vista Outdoor. Likely alluding to financing issues that Vista has with MNC Capital’s first offer, CSG reiterated that their offer is all-cash with fully committed financing backed by JP Morgan Chase.

They also noted that they are committed to the same quality standards of the brands, that they operate facilities in the US (in Arkansas and Missouri), and that their offer has already gone through multiple legal hurdles.

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