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Grill Startup SEERGRILLS Named a Top Innovator at Venture Summit West

SEERGRILLS introduced their AI powered meat cooking machine, Perfecta, this year at CES. They’ve continued garnering exposure, and hopefully investor dollars, at Venture Summit West where they were named a Top Innovator.

The 11th annual Venture Summit West is a Silicon Valley-based event that connects founders of emerging and early-stage companies with an exclusive audience of venture capitalists, corporate investors, private investors, investment bankers, and strategic partners. SEERGRILLS earned a presentation slot at the event to share their vision and pitch their product.

We are honored to have been named a Top Innovator at this prestigious summit, where the brightest of tech, AI, and startup communities converge. We are embarking on a revolutionary journey to drive the biggest leap in cooking since the discovery of fire and with the support of investors, we are confident in achieving unprecedented advancements that will redefine culinary experiences for generations to come.

SEERGRILLS CEO and Founder, Suraj Sudera

Presenters meet strict criteria based on industry, stage, business model, size of the target audience, milestones achieved to date, and whether the company would be of interest to the featured investors. Companies looking to secure series A-C funding for $2-30M are eligible for the Top Innovators Program, while seed stage companies can apply for the Seed Pitchfest Program.

The event features thousands of attendees including over 140 Featured Investors with over $250B under management. The presentations are geared towards this audience with the goal of raising capital.

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