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The Good Charcoal Rolls Out New Natural Briquette Line with Lowe’s

The Good Charcoal Company started producing FSC certified, lump acacia charcoal in 2020. They since have increased their distribution quite substantially as demand for the hardwood charcoal has increased. To go along with their increased distribution, they’ve added a briquette product to their line-up.

The Good Charcoal Super Briquettes will be available at select Lowe’s locations nationwide in 15.4 lb bags retailing from $15.99. The new briquette is 100% all-natural, made from acacia hardwood, natural corn starch.

We are excited to launch a greener briquettes alternative on the market just in time for BBQ season. Our offering is made with all-natural ingredients to ensure we are providing buyers with a safe, chemical-free charcoal for family meals. Our charcoal also burns hotter so consumers will need less – and ultimately, save more.

Ben Jablonski, Chief Executive Officer of The Good Charcoal

As we learned in our interview with Ben Jablonski, CEO of The Good Charcoal Company, not only are their products natural, but they are also made with the purpose of dealing with acacia overgrowth in Namibia. The bush encroachment threatens open grasslands which are necessary for the sustainability of indigenous wildlife.

The Good Charcoal Super Briquettes Bag
The Good Charcoal Super Briquettes Bag

The new Super Briquettes will continue to expand this mission by providing a new option for those that prefer briquettes to lump charcoal. Beyond retailing at Lowe’s, the new briquettes will be available in 8 lb and 15.4 lb bags at select Tractor Supply and Kroger stores ranging in price from $8.99 to $15.99. They also are available at independent retailers. Check The Good Charcoal for complete store listings.

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