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Read the Latest Weekly Newsletter – The Weekend Refuel – 9/3/22

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We’re at the last grilling holiday of the year. If you’re still thinking of getting a new grill, check out this article from TheStreet where I explain why it’s a great time for it. It’s been a summer that grill companies probably wish they could forget.

As we expected, the Blackstone griddle SPAC IPO isn’t going to happen. They sent notice that the deal is off. They likely realized that the market is too bad to IPO in.

It was more of the same at Weber, where we found out that a couple weeks ago they parted company with their CMO and their Chief Growth Officer, who also heads their new venture arm. We’ll see if Weber can get back on track. Their interim CEO has 1.85 million reasons to fix what’s broken.

Over at American Outdoor Brands they scheduled their fiscal year earnings release next week. Hopefully we’ll get an update on their $100 million growth strategy for Grilla Grills.

Vista Outdoor had a town hall this week where they announced that Bozeman, Montana will be the home of their Outdoor Products company (which includes Camp Chef) once they split into 2 companies. With all their acquisitions, they have multiple companies in the area.

There were quite a few new product launches this week. Solo Stove launched 2 new products with a table top fire pit that can run off pellets and pizza ingredient kits for delivery. You can buy restaurant-quality dough, sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni from them with a one time purchase or through subscribe and save.

Nexgrill added a small, single burner griddle to their Daytona griddle line. Kitchen appliance company Ninja also had a new product. They launched an outdoor cooking appliance that has a pellet smoker box for flavor. They must have found the rarest sawdust on the planet for their pellets, because they sell them for about $12 per lb.

If you’re a fan of Aaron Franklin’s or are just looking to get a heavy duty offset smoker, the Franklin Barbecue Pit is now available at some Texas retail locations. If you haven’t seen it, it’s 600 lbs of American made steel. It’s priced at $5,150 partly as a reference to Van Halen. Since it’s at brick and mortar stores, you can get it Right Now and you’ll be Dancing in the Street when you get it Unchained.

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