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Ooni Volt 12 Pizza Oven is Included on Oprah’s 2023 Favorite Things List

Another year and another pizza oven is on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. Last year the Solo Stove Pi was on the list, and this year the new electric Ooni Volt 12 made the cut.

Since launching the Volt 12 in March this year, we’ve seen a phenomenal response from the world’s home pizza makers. We are absolutely thrilled to be selected to the 2023 Oprah’s Favorite Things holiday gifts list alongside other innovative businesses. Ooni is built on a passion for bringing people together through exceptional food experiences and we are excited to bring that to even more people through this prestigious listing.

Kristian Tapaninaho, Founder & Co-CEO at Ooni

Oprah’s Favorite Things list is featured on OprahDaily.com and is in the Winter issue of O Quarterly. It’s also picked-up by many other news outlets, so it’s a big marketing win to be included on the list.

Some days, only a slice of pizza hits the spot. Luckily this year, Ooni, which is known for its outdoor pizza ovens, created a version that can be used indoors and is worthy of the Old Country.

Oprah on OprahDaily.com

The Ooni Volt 12 was a big release for Ooni this year. It was their first time making a pizza oven that could be used indoors, and one that is fueled by electricity. It’s capable of reaching the crust crispening temperature of 850° F in 20 minutes.

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