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Nexgrill Expands into Patio Heaters in Deal with Target

Nexgrill is expanding their product offerings from grills into additional outdoor living products. They have launched a new patio heater that is sold exclusively at target.

At Nexgrill, we want to provide the full outdoor experience in both grilling and heating. The Nexgrill Patio Heaters offer a competitively priced must-have for outdoor gatherings so you can entertain, even when it’s a bit chilly outside.

Ramsay Hawfield, Vice President of Marketing at Nexgrill


  • Retail price of $160 (check price)
  • Produces up to 48,000 BTUs of heat energy
  • Runs off a standard 20 lb propane tank
  • Battery-operated electronic ignition

Previously Nexgrill had talked about their vision of having a connected backyard where you operate all devices on your phone with the Nexgrill app. While they’ve done a great job bringing app integration to the Oakford pellet grill and Neevo gas grill line, this patio heater is manually operated. Hopefully future versions will include app integration that’s consistent with their vision.

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