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New Weber Summit Changes the Gas Grill Game – Smart Features, Infrared

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We’ve been waiting for it, and Weber delivered. They released the new Weber Summit gas grill this week, and it’s everything we hoped for and more. It’s a transformational grill for gas grilling technology.

Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill
Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill

Smart Gas Grill

The Summit is a first of its kind smart gas grill. While previous gas grills have had the ability to monitor temperatures, controlling them remotely was elusive.

Previous gas grill valves were manually operated through a mechanical linkage with the control knobs. The Summit uses digitally operated valves and corresponding control buttons to operate them, in addition to a touchscreen or smart phone.

This gives pellet grill levels of control and monitoring on a gas grill platform. The Summit even has cook modes to make cooking on it even easier.

Since the gas burners are all digitally controlled, it offers additional convenience and safety features that you won’t find on other gas grills. If a burner goes it, the grill automatically tries to reignite it three times, and ultimately shuts off the gas to the burner if it’s unsuccessful.

It also monitors how much propane is left in your tank. Coupled with alerts, this eliminates the major bummer of getting everything ready to grill only to realize you have to run up to the hardware store for more propane.

Infrared Burner

If you want steakhouse style preparation for your favorite cut of beef, you need an infrared broiler. While the smart features on the Summit are what we expected, we didn’t expect that it would have a really cool infrared burner too.

Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill Infrared Burner
Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill Infrared Burner

Much like the salamander burners used at Ruth’s Chris, the Summit features an infrared burner on the top of the cook chamber. It’s a great execution of the technology and different than the infrared side burner style that we’ve seen on other gas grills on the market. While specs on the Summit haven’t been released, infrared burners are usually in the 1,600 degree F to 1,700 degree F range.

Other Features

The Summit smart gas grill has a number of other really nice features in addition to being a smart grill and having an infrared burner. It’s designed to work flawless with Weber Crafted accessories, has an integrated heavy-duty rotisserie, and a smoker box.

Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill Rotisserie
Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill Rotisserie


All of the innovative features of the Summit come at a cost. The tech forward gas grill is said to be available this spring for just under $5,000.

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