New Blackstone 36″ Patio Series Griddle with Air Fryer and Cabinets

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There was a new, top of the line Blackstone 36″ Griddle released today. It’s called the Patio Series with air fryer and cabinets, and it’s perfect to make a burger and fries all without moving away from your griddle.

Blackstone wasn’t kidding when they said that they wanted to focus on new technology and products. This release comes on the heals of launching a pizza oven for their tabletop griddle and a possible pellet grill in the works. For the backyard chef that wants to easily do everything, this Blackstone griddle comes equipped with quite a few features to assist with cooking, cleaning and storage, all in one package.

The Patio Series griddle has 36″ of cooking area and comes equipped with 2 air fryer drawers and one warming drawer. It also comes equipped with the following specs and features.

  • Retail price is $1,499, but the sale price is $1,299 at the time of writing
  • Total of 60,000 BTUs of power spread amongst 4 completely independent cooking zones, to allow for many different types of food at once
  • An additional 13,000 BTUs on the air fryer burner
  • Ability to air fry, sear, roast, bake and sauté
  • 4 quarts of frying capacity and 4 quarts of capacity on the warming drawer, to keep everything hot for serving
  • To help with prep and clean-up, there’s a side shelf on both sides, a paper towel holder, garbage bag holder, and a pass through side shelf cutting board
  • Two storage drawers and a storage cabinet to keep everything organized and accessible

With the cooking space and capabilities of this Blackstone griddle with air fryer, it should help cut down on the trips away from the griddle or inside to get something. That will make for an easier, quicker and better cooking experience. If this is your first time thinking of buying a griddle, be sure to check out our guide on the 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Blackstone Griddle.


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