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More Executive Turnover at Vista Outdoor – Interim CEO to Make $1.7M

Ahead of their split into two sperate public companies, there’s more executive turnover at Vista Outdoor. Termed a resignation, the Camp Chef parent company is now without their General Counsel, Dylan Ramsey.

Usually a company wants their management team to stick together through major corporate moves. It’s a positive signal to the investment community of stability and continued success. Vista Outdoor however has seen their CFO leave for a different opportunity, their CEO be dismissed, and now their General Counsel is also leaving.

For legal purposes, the move is a resignation, though there’s a good chance it wasn’t voluntary. Dylan Ramsey will receive separation benefits, which doesn’t usually happen with a resignation. He’ll receive 100% of his annual base salary, payment under the annual incentive plan, and accelerated vesting of his restricted stock units.

The separation was effective February 16th, 2023, at which point the Deputy General Counsel, Jeffrey Ehrich was appointed to Interim General Counsel. He has been with the company and its predecessor since 2011.

Dylan Ramsey will remain as a non-officer employee until April 3, 2023 to transition General Counsel duties.

Interim CEO Compensation Details

When the Interim CEO of Vista Outdoor took over from his spot on the board, his compensation hadn’t been negotiated yet. Those details have been worked out, according to and SEC filing.

Gary McArthur will receive a base salary of $90,000 per month for the duration of his time with the company. In addition to his base salary, he received restricted stock units equal to to around $600,000 that vest on the one year anniversary of the February 16, 2023 grant date.

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