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Komodo Kamado Launches the 38″ Goldilocks Kamado Grill

Komodo Kamado makes super high quality Kamado style grills that are available in a number of finishes and a number of sizes. By a number of sizes I mean they make a huge range, from 16″ to a massive 42″ cooker.

It would appear that they’re launching a Kamado in one more size, to fill the gap between their 42-inch Serious Big Bad and the 32-inch Big Bad. It’s called Goldilocks, because it’s sized just right between the two cookers.

Like their other Kamados, the Goldilocks has an industry leading thickness to lock in heat for efficient cooking. It’s also finished with 1/8″ thick ceramic tiles.

The new grill comes with three cooking grates made of 3/8″ 304 stainless steel for durability. The grates can be put in four different positions for different cooking modes.

Founder Dennis Linkletter had the following to say to the IBT.

At Komodo Kamado, ‘overbuilt and overengineered’ is our motto. We use only the highest quality materials in our grills for excellent durability and performance, making them the best Kamado grills on the market. While our smaller models are excellent for tabletop cooking and smoking, the large Kamado grills provide the best grilling performance, especially for larger families, gatherings, or commercial use. By adding The Goldilocks to our lineup, we are giving our customers more choices that fit their needs. We’ve received good initial feedback for this model, and we’re now making it available to the public.

Dennis Linkletter, Founder of Komodo Kamado

It’s worth pointing out that we only think the Goldilocks is being released. There was an article in the IBT (referenced above) about the new release and it was “Contributor Content”, which means it’s a paid ad. Our only hesitation that the link to the new grill doesn’t work, and we can’t find mention of the new grill anywhere else.

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