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Knife Maker Ginsu Launches New Kamado Grill

MyDIY Center, has entered into an agreement with Ginsu to manufacture and release the brand’s first outdoor grill. The Ginsu Kamado Ceramic Grill was introduced at the Inspired Home Show in Chicago March 5-7 at McCormick Place and will compete with other popular Kamado grill offerings. MyDIY Center President Jeremy Cantor said “Over the years, the Ginsu portfolio has grown to provide innovative solutions throughout the kitchen and today, MyDIY Center is excited to partner with Ginsu to expand their brand portfolio into the barbecue and outdoor living space with the first Ginsu grill.”

The 15″ Kamado Ceramic Grill is bundled with

  • A grill cover
  • Half-moon griddle
  • Meat gloves
  • An electric starter to light the coals
  • A digital meat thermometer
  • Tongs

It will be available exclusively through MyDIYCenter.com and the MyDIY Center Store on Amazon. It is said to launch in June of 2022 and will retail for $599.

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