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Is Weber Working on a New Griddle Called Slate?

Griddles, or flat top grills, is an area of outdoor cooking that continues to see growth. Blackstone’s CEO, Roger Dahle, believes that the market share of griddles will grow to be as much as 40%.

Weber jumped into the category earlier this year, with the release of a 28″ and 36″ griddle. It was pretty basic in design, but it gave them a griddle product.

We may see another griddle from Webber in the near future, as they’ve filed for a trademark for the name Slate. The word covers “cooking appliances, namely, griddles and flattop grills.”

It’s a logical name for a griddle because slate is a hard, flat surface, much like a griddle top. If it makes it to market, we’ll see if it’s a ground-up design to compete with other innovative griddles.

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