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Is RIPT Grills Gone Before it Started?

Created by some people at Green Mountain Grills, RIPT Grills had a lot of promise to be the next step in flavor and convenience. They were advertised to run off wood chips, rather than pellets, so you got more smoke flavor, and knew exactly what was burning. Is RIPT Grills gone though, before it even got a chance be released?

RIPT Wood Chip Grills
RIPT Wood Chip Grills

There’s been a big change on the RIPT Grills website. As we noted in our previous article on RIPT Grills, they were taking pre-orders on the grills on their website. They also had feature descriptions and various promotional information.

That has all been removed now. All that is left is the “Coming Soon!” image that’s shown as the featured image for this article.

According to RIPT Grills’ social media accounts, they had planned on shipping pre-orders around now, with a full launch this summer. That plan appears to have changed, with nothing left on the website and no updates given since December.

Green Mountain Grills has continued to deal with ongoing litigation with Traeger. It’s possible that RIPT Grills is a casualty of that. We’ll continue to monitor the situation as more information is released.

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