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Improved MEATER 2 Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer is Released

The popular wireless thermometer company, MEATER, just released a new version of their meat thermometer. The MEATER 2 Plus wireless meat thermometer has substantial improvements over the previous. It’s also notable that it’s the first product release since the founders moved on from the company.

MEATER 2 Plus Wireless Thermometer with Block
MEATER 2 Plus Wireless Thermometer with Block

Wireless Thermometer

For those not familiar with wireless thermometer tech, products like MEATER thermometers work like traditional meat thermometers, but take it a step further. They use Bluetooth and in some instance WiFi technology to interface with an app on your phone.

Rather than just telling you what the temperature of your food is, they have other features like guiding you through your cook, predicting when your food will be ready, and telling you the ambient temp. While they are popular with grilling, they also can be used in the oven or other cooking products.

MEATER 2 Plus Improvements

While the original MEATER and MEATER Plus thermometers were well regarded, the new MEATER 2 Plus has substantial improvements.

  • There are now 5 temperature sensors on the probe instead of 1. This helps make sure that your probe is in the right spot and with estimating when your food will be done.
  • The temperature range of the food sensors have improved maximums. The food sensors increased from a maximum of 212°F to 221°F. That’s helpful for cooking things like brisket that have a high temperature when done.
  • The maximum temp on the ambient sensor is also improved. It went from 527°F on the previous model to a new maximum of 932°F. The higher temperature is much better for grilling.
  • Faster charging with a 15-minute charge enough for 12 hours of use time.
  • Improved Bluetooth 5.2 Long Range that gives 2,500 ft of range for direct line of sight, or 250 ft through light obstacles. It also still has WiFi for essentially unlimited range.
  • Slimmer probe design at 5mm in diameter rather than 6mm, for a smaller hole in your food.
MEATER 2 Plus Wireless Thermometer in Deep Fryer
MEATER 2 Plus Wireless Thermometer in Deep Fryer

Other Features and Specs

  • The MEATER 2 Plus retails for $119.95 (check price)
  • Waterproof, so you can wash it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning
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