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Grill Companies and Threads – Who’s Using it, Who isn’t

The new social media platform, Threads, has begun to weave it’s way into the daily life of many people. It quickly gained 100 million users, although there are reports that engagement has waned since launch.

Grill companies actively use social media for brand awareness and to fill the top of the sales funnel. Now that we’re about two weeks into Threads’ existence, what companies have made the jump and are actively using it?


The leader in grilling already has a sizeable following on Threads with 27.6k followers at the time of writing. They have posted 7 times and have been actively replying to content as well.


The second largest grill company has amassed 4,390 followers since they joined Threads. They started out with a bang by posting 6 times, but haven’t posted anything in a week. They also aren’t replying to other content either.


Traeger is big on social media. They have large following on other platforms, and tout user generated content metrics on their investor calls. Their follower count is up to 66.5k followers, which is significant compared to other companies in the industry.

Despite their large following, they haven’t been very active. They’ve posted only 3 times since they’ve joined, and aren’t active with replies.


Like Traeger, Blackstone is big on social media. Despite their large presence and reliance on social media, they haven’t taken to Threads yet. They have signed-up to platform and have gotten 11k followers, but have no replies or posts yet.

Camp Chef

Of all the outdoor cooking companies, Camp Chef is the hardest worker on threads. They have grown to 10.1k followers on the platform through being very active. They have countless posts and replies since they’ve joined.

Pit Boss

With a profile quote of “bigger, hotter, heavier, Threadier” on Threads, Pit Boss doesn’t disappoint. They are active on the platform with continuous engagement through posts and replies. They have a following of 5,815 users at this point.

Middleby Brands

The outdoor cooking brands owned by Middleby – Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and Char-Griller – still haven’t signed up for Threads.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg looks like they just tried out Threads so far. They posted twice when they first joined, and haven’t been back. Despite that, they have 17.9k followers on the platform.


Time will tell if outdoor cooking brands, or people in general, take to Threads. The sampling of companies that we looked at followed the trend that many of them signed-up, but haven’t been active since. If you’re looking for active brands on the app, look to Camp Chef and Pit Boss. They by far have the most consistent engagement.

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