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FireBoard Launches Sleek Wireless Thermometer for their Ecosystem

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FireBoard is well known in the outdoor cooking community for their temperature reading devices like the FireBoard Series 2 and the multi-purpose Spark. Today, they’ve added to that ecosystem with a new wireless temperature probe called the FireBoard Pulse.

Sleek Design

Wireless temperature probes are on trend right now, but the Pulse has a design that stands out from the crowd. Most other probes are pen shaped, while the Pulse has ring at the top that comes in six different colors.

The probe itself is laser etched with the FireBoard name and a design that adds to the overall look. Its tip ditches the single point design for a chisel shape that leaves a smaller indention in food, which is a good thing.

Features and Specs

Full specs haven’t been released for the Pulse yet. The main spec that we’re eager to find out about is the temperature range. There are very few wireless thermometers on the market that can handle grilling temperatures, so we’re hopeful this one disappoint.

  • Price starts at $149 – no release date yet
  • Stainless steel construction
  • External temp probe lets you know the ambient temp in addition to your food temp
  • Dual band wireless with Bluetooth and S1G


Charging on the Pulse is fast and it has a creative design feature to make it easier. With only a 15 minute charge it will operate for 24 hours. That’s amazing because I can’t tell you how many times I remember to charge my temperature probes just as I want to use them.

FireBoard Pulse Wireless Meat Thermometer Charger Stack
FireBoard Pulse Wireless Meat Thermometer Charger Stack

If you have multiple Pulse probes, FireBoard has come up with an easy way to charge them all at once. Through magnets you can stack them, then with the use of a single USB-C power cable you can charge them all at once.


I think the coolest part of the FireBoard pulse and other Fireboard products in general is they’re designed to work together. An example is the screen on the Spark thermometer also can be used to display temperatures wirelessly from the FireBoard Series 2.

The Pulse adds to this ecosystem and works with both the Spark and the Series 2. For Yoder smoker owners that have a built-in FireBoard controller, it works with that as well. No worries if you don’t have any other FireBoard products yet, it also works with the phone app.

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