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Camp Chef’s Parent Company to be Named Revelyst After Spin-Off

We now have a name for the Outdoor Product’s division of Vista Outdoor after the split into two public companies. It was revealed today to be Revelyst, and it will trade under the ticker symbol GEAR.

From the press release, the name “Revelyst” combines “revel,” to experience with abandon, and “catalyst,” an unwavering source of transformation. The brand launched a new website today that has a promotional video for the company.

We are excited and proud to introduce Revelyst to the world. Revelyst is a collective of maker brands united by an obsession with craftsmanship, a consumer-first culture and helping people achieve their greatest outdoor aspirations. We will leverage operational expertise, shared financial resources and cross-collaboration to deliver products and technologies that support consumers in wide ranges of pursuits. While today we are best known by the innovations that we make, our journey to becoming the greatest house of brands in the outdoor industry is focused on the wildly human experiences that we make possible.

Eric Nyman, CEO of Revelyst

The press release explains the selection of a dragon fly for the logo which unites their collective of makers and whose four powerful wings symbolize what it means to be a Revelyst.

  • Innovation: With omni-directional flight and outsized endurance, this innovation of the natural world mirrors our relentless pursuit of challenging convention.
  • Leadership: An apex predator at the top of its domain and a symbol of our category-defining brands and our ability to excel against the competition.
  • Inclusivity: A universal symbol for living life to the fullest and an embodiment of our purpose to help everyone achieve their greatest experiences in the places they love.
  • Ecosystems: A bellwether of healthy environments and clean water that we use to benchmark our commitment to the outdoors with a holistic view.
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