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Brisk It Rolls Out New AI Virtual Assistant for its Pellet Grills

Technology and grilling intersect at pellet grills, with guided recipes, touchscreens and app connectivity. Brisk It is a pellet grill company at the forefront of that by bringing AI technology to help make grilling easier.

Rather that scrolling through recipes to find the one that matches your vision, Brisk It’s Vera lets you chat normally to develop a recipe. It can respond to natural prompts like the following.

  • “Grill me a medium-rare rib-eye steak.”
  • “Smoke a prime rib roast and a whole chicken at the same time for 15 people, but avoid peanuts.”
  • “What can I make with leftover ground beef, cilantro, nachos, shrimp, and gouda cheese?
  • “I’m allergic to bell peppers—make me a spicy chicken wing dish!”
  • “What’s the best seasoning for a sweet and smoky salmon?”

The second to last prompt seems pretty aggressive, but Brisk It gives it as an example. I prefer to take a kinder, gentler tone when talking with my smokers.

Brisk It Pellet Grill with Vera AI Sample Prompt
Brisk It Pellet Grill with Vera AI Sample Prompt

Once you give the prompt, it will then guide you through the cooking process. It can adapt to how the cook is going and try to recover a cook gone wrong by updating the recipe.

The technology was first introduced at CES this year along with Brisk It’s unique pellet and electric hybrid grill – this hasn’t been released yet.

We’re excited to bring Vera to consumers following its debut at CES earlier this year. We got a ton of great feedback at the show and have no doubt Vera A.I. is going to revolutionize the grilling experience. Grilling can seem a daunting and time-consuming task for a lot of us, but with Vera, it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is get a prompt started and Vera will do the rest for you, from figuring out what to eat to cooking the food for you.

Brisk It CEO Christopher Huang

While the Vera AI technology isn’t for everybody, it can take the intimidation out of grilling for those new to the hobby. Bringing more people into outdoor cooking is something I can get behind.

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