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Zephyr Launches Outdoor Kegerator that Turns Into a Beverage Cooler

When you’re having people over for a BBQ, it’s great to have a kegerator. It’s a cheap and delicious way to provide cold beer to a crowd.

The only problem is when you’re not having a gathering, chances are you’re not buying kegs of beer. Zephyr has a solution to this problem for your outdoor kitchen.

They’ve released the Presrv™ Outdoor Kegerator & Beverage Cooler that can transform from a kegerator into a beverage cooler. Giving added versatility depending on the occasion.

They don’t have a video of the outdoor unit, but below shows all the options for the refrigeration space with their indoor unit.

It’s a 24″ stainless steel design that looks good and can hold up to 107 cans of various beverages. It can maintain precise temperatures from 32 degrees F to 65 degrees F, adding to its versatility.

We have customers who only use the kegerator functionality a few times a year, but love the ability to install multiple keg sizes for larger parties and events. The remainder of the year, the unit is used as a beverage cooler. So, whether you’re a beer enthusiast, casual entertainer, or someone who enjoys a variety of beverages, this is the ultimate solution for indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Sarah Wahl, Zephyr VP of Marketing

The cooler can be mounted under a counter or be freestanding on wheels. It can use a variety of kegs, with multiple taps, and there’s even a nitrogen conversion kit for cold brew coffee. Check out their website for all the possible configurations.

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